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ICC Note: Kenneth Bae, an American citizen, was arrested by North Korean authorities back in November of 2012 for allegedly committing “hostile acts” against the North Korean state. Kenneth was leading legal tours into the country but may have been also actively involved as a missionary. He was sentenced this year to 15 years of hard labor and in a recent appeal through his family mentioned that his health is deteriorating. North Korea is the world’s worst persecutor of Christians and it is believed that tens of thousands of Christians remain locked up in prison camps around the country. 
8/2/2013 North Korea (ONN) – Kenneth Bae of Lynnwood, Washington, lives in China with his wife and conducts tours of North Korea. The committed Christian is in his third month of a 15-year prison term in a North Korean prison camp. Bae is in prison on the charge of “committing hostile actions” against the communist country.” In reality, he is being punished for speaking to people in North Korea about Jesus.
In an interview with Seattle’s King 5 television, Terri Chung, Bae’s sister, revealed that the diabetic Bae is going blind. He turned 45 years old this week.
“He’s asking us directly and saying, You know, my health is failing. I need help,” she stated. “I would say there is a new note of desperation.”
Chung says direction from the State Department limits what family members can say or do, not only because it is a delicate situation but also because North Korea is a closed country – causing the family to feel “alone in this struggle” to free her brother.
“You know, we’re the little people and we’re an ordinary American family with no real powerful connections,” she laments.

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