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ICC Note: In a victory for religious freedom and the 1st Amendment the New Orleans City Council voted last week to lift a ban on night time street preaching that had seen several Christian street preachers arrested in previous years. The ban, which applied after dusk, made it illegal to share religious views publicly and had been suspended by a district judge in 2011 after the ban was challenged by civil rights defenders. 
7/31/2013 United States (Christian Post) – The New Orleans City Council voted last week to lift the 2011 ban against street preaching from sunset to sunrise on the city’s famous Bourbon Street, a popular site for tourists and pro-gay festivals.
The city council voted recently 6-0 to amend the city’s “aggressive solicitation” ordinance enacted in 2011 but suspended by U.S. District Judge Eldon Fallon in September. The council voted to remove two phrases from the ordinance; one which bans any person or group from gathering on Bourbon Street “for the purpose of disseminating any social, political or religious message between the hours of sunset and sunrise.”
Additionally, the new ordinance no longer contains the term “Bourbon Street,” and no longer includes a ban on “conduct which reasonably tends to arouse alarm or anger in others.” The new ordinance only bans conduct that involves heckling someone for the sole purpose of harassment.
The city council revised the ordinance at the request of U.S. District Judge Carl Barbier, who is currently weighing the legality of the ban after multiple street preachers were either arrested or threatened with arrest at the Southern Decadence pro-gay festival in 2012.

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