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ICC Note:
In the midst of one of the most deadly months in Iraq, it has emerged that a Christian journalist faces death threats. Jinan Bolous, the editor-in-chief of a local newspaper, was recently threatened in response to an article she had published. Societal violence remains high in Iraq. Also, a number of needed legal reforms to provide greater protections for journalists and activists.
8/1/2013 Iraq (Christian Post) – A Christian activist from the predominantly Christian area of Ankawa, Erbil, in the capital of the Kurdistan Region in Iraq, has revealed that journalist Jinan Bolous, editor-in-chief of Beth Ankawa, a local newspaper, was recently threatened – setting a dangerous precedent in the volatile region.
“This threat came to the journalist in a text message sent by an unknown person via a mobile phone with a number of Asiacell Corporation about a month ago after she published an article in the newspaper,” the activist, who preferred anonymity, told Mideast Christian News.
The source added that the police are still investigating the matter related to the circumstances of the threat.
There have been calls to amend a number of paragraphs related to the laws that protect the rights of journalists in the region because activists insist that the current laws do not meet the most basic rights needed for the media to function, but rather hampers their movement and reduces the freedom of journalists to exercise free speech.
It should be noted that the commission on defense of the rights of journalists in the Journalists Association of Kurdistan has been issuing semi-annual reports on the most important events, violations and problems faced by journalists in Kurdistan.

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