Rescuing and serving persecuted Christians since 1995
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In November 2011, a Church in Kenya was attacked by Islamic extremists likely connected to Al-Shabaab. A grenade was launched into a guard house attached to the Church. Two people were killed in this attack, including the church guard and an 8 year-old Christian girl. The guard house connected to the church and the church itself were damaged.
In June 2013, ICC helped repair the church and the guard house that were damaged almost two years ago. “We are very grateful to ICC for restoring the image of the church. It had become a laughing stock to the outsiders. We as a Church will be able to have a new guard for the church which will provide a sense of security to the new pastor,” said an Elder of the Church .
On Sunday July 7, 2013 (after the completion of the repairs) there was a special thanksgiving service for the EAPC because of the sacrificial financial support from ICC which helped alleviate the financial difficulties or unpaid medical bills that was paid off by the ICC to our senior pastor,  as well as  the completion of the renovation of the security guard’s  house. International Christian Concern is like a  Good Samaritan to us who has come to bind up our wounded wounds,” said the elder .  The EAPC has no words to express the appreciations. They could only say, “May God bless ICC as they serve the persecuted Church,” said another Church elder.  Please pray for the safety of persecuted pastors in Kenya.