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ICC Note: As the battle between traditional and gay marriage supporters in the U.S. continues at least one Texas city is looking to adopt an unprecedented city ordinance banning individuals from holding government posts if they have shown a “bias” against gay marriage in the past. The alarming new ordinance is still in draft form but many worry that if passed it could make it difficult or impossible for anyone who has previously supported views on traditional marriage to be elected or nominated to open positions in city government. This bill would of course overwhelmingly discriminate against conservative Christians who maintain an orthodox Christian view of marriage.
7/25/2013 United States (TheBlaze) – Proposed changes to a city ordinance in San Antonio, Texas, are capturing attention, mainly because of the addition of some controversial and vague language that critics believe will lead to a crackdown on free speech.
Gay rights activists and select officials in the city are looking to revamp the city’s anti-discrimination ordinance to include “sexual orientation” and “sexual identity.” So, what does this mean, exactly?
The new text, if adopted, could essentially ban citizens who have shown a bias in these areas from serving on commissions and in local government posts. Meaning: If you oppose homosexuality and have shown that opposition in “word or deed” that you could be precluded from holding these positions.
The goal with these inclusions is to protect the individuals who fall under these categories from discrimination. Already, San Antonio’s policy protects people on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex and age and “handicap” (this latter group is also being changed to “disability” in a draft version of the new ordinance).

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