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ICC Note:
In early July, a Christian nun was abducted in India’s northeastern state of Orissa and raped by multiple unknown assailants for several days. The local government’s slow reaction to this serious case has highlighted the discrimination Christians living in northeastern India exist under. Appalled, a Christian leader in India has called on the local government to stop dragging its feet in the case and bring the perpetrators to justice. According to this Christian leader, Christian girls are becoming targeted for rape because of the local government’s inaction.    
7/20/2013 India (Asia News) – “I condemn this gang rape of this young nun in the strongest possible terms.  This is gang rape is physical and emotional terrorism against our woman” Card. Oswald Gracias, president of the Bishops’ Conference of India (CBCI) tells AsiaNews reacting to the attack on a nun in Orissa. The religious of the Franciscan Missionaries of St. Joseph, lived in Chennai (Tamil Nadu) to continue her studies.
“This violation of our young woman religious – said the cardinal – is evil act inflicted on this woman religious who has consecrated  her life to God Rape is an abhorrent crime and an abominable transgression against the honour of women and reflects abysmal state of women in  our society, community and nation”.
Considering the dynamics of the attack, the cardinal stressed that “this wasn’t a random act of barbarism, it was meticulously planned allegedly as an act of retaliation and this heightens the gravity of the deplorable and utterly reprehensible crime.”
“The apathy of government agencies – he added – is appalling, there is a serious break down of law and order situation in Kandhamal, this was not an isolated violation, last October, two thirteen year old Christian girls were gang raped in Kandhamal. Undeniably, increasing number of rape cases has become a serious social problem. Atrocities against women , unsafe environment, eroding the rule of law are a shameful blot on our nation”.
The slowness of the machinery of justice, noted Card. Gracias, “is perceived at times as devaluating the victims and increases their trauma by marginalizing  the victims.

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