Rescuing and serving persecuted Christians since 1995
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ICC Note: In a rare report, the International Missions Board shares the story of 17-year-old Kasih, a teenager locked up by her Hindu family in the Indonesian province of Bali. While most of Indonesia is overwhelmingly Muslim, the province of Bali is pre-dominantly Hindu. Kasih’s family locked her away in her room when they discovered she had converted to Christianity and have reportedly been taking her to see a witch doctor in an attempt to get her to abandon her new faith. 
7/18/2013 Indonesia (MNN) – 17-year-old Kasih* has been locked in her room for three months now.
Her crime? Claiming Jesus Christ as her Savior.
Kasih recently made a decision to follow the Lord, according to the International Mission Board (IMB). She knew what this decision would cost.
When she shared her faith in Christ with her Hindu family, they inflicted persecution on her. Kasih managed to escape, but she was rediscovered by her family three months ago and locked away in her room.
Kasih and her family are Balinese living in Indonesia. The Balinese people group is a “least reached” people group as ranked by The Joshua Project. Less than 2% have accepted Christ. Furthermore, the Open Doors World Watch List labels Indonesia as a country with moderate persecution of believers.
Within her particular village, Kasih is the first believer. The IMB reports that her family thinks in time, she will forget Jesus if they cut off her contact with other believers.
The family keeps taking Kasih to a witchdoctor to convert her back to Hinduism. But she refuses to deny God and return to her family’s Hindu gods.

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