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ICC Note:
In April, Secret Police in Uzbekistan raided a home where Church members were meeting “Illegally” as they had not received state permission to gather for worship. The police rounded up all 78 women and children and bused them to the police station where they were questioned and threatened for three hours. “Officers swore at them and even threatened to shoot them.” In June, the Baptist homeowner, Svetlana Andreychenko, was fined 50 times the monthly salary as punishment for having a church meeting in her home.
By Felix Corley
07/11/2013 Uzbekistan (Forum 18) -In another case where a prosecution was brought for meeting without state permission in a home, a member of a Council of Churches Baptist congregation in Karshi in Kashkadarya Region, Svetlana Andreychenko, was fined 50 times the minimum monthly salary, fellow Baptists told Forum 18 on 15 June. The fine followed a raid by about 15 officers on the Church’s Sunday morning meeting for worship in her home on 21 April. The raid was led by a National Security Service (NSS) secret police officer, whose name appeared to be Alisher, Baptists told Forum 18.
During the raid, police searched Andreychenko’s home and even children’s prams and pushchairs looking for religious literature. They seized 22 books, two religious notebooks, 12 exercise books, 66 postcards, two notebooks, nine discs, 18 posters and one audio-cassette “of religious content”, according to court documents.
Police then loaded all those present – 78 adults and children – into buses and took them to the police station for questioning, where they were held for more than three hours. Officers swore at them and even threatened to shoot them, Baptists complained to Forum 18.

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