Freedom House Lists Uzbekistan Among 17 Worst Countries

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Freedom House, a human rights organization, has listed Uzbekistan in the top 17 “least free places in the world.”  This designation was given based on records of human rights violations including restricting freedom of the press, government corruption and severe restriction of religious freedom—of which there is virtually none for minorities.

07/10/2013 Uzbekistan (UZ News) -The human rights organization Freedom House has added Uzbekistan to the list of the 17 least free places in the world, with its suppression of political dissent and civic activity. “As Americans celebrate Independence Day and the world looks nervously toward uncertain political developments in Egypt, it’s worth remembering the countries that have little to celebrate”—says the preamble to the yearly “Freedom in the World” report by Freedom House experts. According to the human rights workers, Uzbekistan is one of the countries where citizens, business, political and social groups have the least freedom.

In the same shameful list, along with Uzbekistan are: Turkmenistan, Syria, Equatorial Guinea, North Korea, Eritrea, Saudi Arabia, Chad, Sudan and eight more totalitarian states.

Despite the fact that Uzbekistan’s Constitution supports the principle of free elections and transition of power, the country cannot be considered an electoral democracy, said the human rights group.

“President Islam Karimov uses the dominant position of the executive branch to stifle the opposition, and his reelection in 2007 was in clear violation of the presidential term limits set by the Constitution”, says the report.

Exclusive dominance of executive power creates conditions rife for corruption.

In 2012 the country was listed 170 out of 176 in the corruption rating compiles by Transparency International.

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