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ICC Note:
Egypt’s Christian population actively took part in the ousting of former President Mohamed Morsi due to among other reasons his process of governing that cultivated sectarianism and a culture of hate and violence against the countries non-Muslim minorities. The Maspero Youth Union, named for the 2011 demonstrations that ended with 28 deaths. The opposition to Morsi is attempting to build a civil society that upholds religious and cultural diversity and is speaking out against the initial constitutional declaration made by interim president Mansour for not upholding these ideals.
7/10/2013 Egypt (Ahram) – Egypt’s Maspero Youth Union, a Coptic activist group, has expressed its opposition to the constitutional declaration issued on Monday by interim president Adly Mansour.
In a statement released Tuesday, the group described the 33-article declaration, which outlines the roadmap for the transitional period expected to last six months, as “shocking.”
“The [constitutional declaration] is not compatible with the ideals of the 30 June uprising… that went out for a civil state that upholds religious and cultural diversity,” the statement read.
The declaration was criticised for its first article that states that the Arab Republic of Egypt is a democratic system based on citizenship, that Islam is the religion of the state, Arabic is its official language and the principles of sharia law derived from established Sunni canons are its main source of legislation.

“[On 30 June] we went out to bring down their failed constitution that built a state of hate and violence,” the Coptic group said in the statement.
“We did not take to the streets to give legitimacy to religious-based political parties that were about to erase Egypt’s identity,” the statement continued.
The group added that the country has a lot of qualified young Egyptians who should have participated in drafting the declaration.
The Coptic group also said that “it seems the revolution is not complete,” and they will continue to work to fulfil its aspirations.

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