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ICC Note:
Syria’s Christian community struggles to continue on in the midst of persecution that has seen churches and homes destroyed and leaders killed. There has been no clear answer to why the village of al-Duwayr was raided and multiple people executed more than a month ago. Millions of Syrians have fled to neighboring countries to seek refuge from the conflict and millions more have been internally displaced as homes have been destroyed and once quiet neighborhoods and villages have become war zones.
7/8/2013 Syria (BosNewsLife) – Mourning Christians in Syria were still awaiting answers Monday, July 8, as to why  Islamic militants with links to opposition rebels entered Christian villages more than a month ago killing several people,  including children, in what locals called a “massacre”.
Vatican-backed news agency Fides said the gunmen raided the village of al-Duwayr/Douar, outside the city of Homs near Lebanon, where they immediately executed a man and his daughter in their home and burned their bodies.
The fighters reportedly also occupied the village church from where snipers began firing at terrified civilians, killing an- 11-year-old boy and a girl of 18, and injuring some 10 people, two seriously.
Militants remained in the church where they were holding village Mayor Joseph Jamil Adra, a Christian, and another Christian man, Fides said. Their situation was not immediately clear Monday, July 8.
Christian refugees were quoted as saying that the fighters of opposition group Jabhat al-Nusra, which has pledged its allegiance to terror group al-Qaida,  also “destroyed and burned all the houses” in the village, prompting the roughly 100 Greek-Orthodox families living in the area to flee.

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