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ICC Note: Many conservative Christians in the UK now believe that one of the world’s most trusted news sources, the BBC, is openly non-religious and secular in it’s attitude. In an official review by the BBC of the opinion of its viewers called the BBC Trust, presenter comments such as the one describing Christians who oppose gay marriage as “damaging the church” were mentioned. Hopefully the BBC will take this into account and resist the impulses to simply reflect popular opinions on conservative Christian values in commentary made by presenters.  The report comes as conservative Christians in Western Europe feel increasingly discriminated against for their faith, especially if those views are stated publicly. Earlier this week a U.S. citizen and street preacher was arrested in London for allegedly making “homophobic remarks”. 
7/8/2013 United Kingdom (Charisma) – The BBC thinks Christians who disagree with gay marriage are “throwbacks who are damaging the church,” according to one of its presenters.
Roger Bolton also said if the BBC interviews a Christian who objects to abortion on religious grounds, “they are treated as though they are just a bit barmy.”
Bolton was taking part in an official BBC Trust review of the breadth of opinion in the broadcaster’s output on various issues, including religion.
In an official report published by the Trust, Bolton said BBC journalists tend to see the gay marriage debate “in the context of equal rights.”
Bolton and others interviewed for the report “felt that conservatives on these subjects tend to be treated by interviewers as throwbacks who are damaging the Church and dragging it back into the past.”
The report stated, “The corporation seems to some to be self-evidently sympathetic to the idea of gay marriage.”
It noted that Christians frequently complain the BBC tiptoes around the sensitivities of Islam but happily mocks Christianity.
During Holy Week, the BBC broadcast a show about Christianity and comedy, promoting it with a press release that asked, “Is Christianity a Joke?”
The BBC Trust report asked, “Would a programme entitled ‘Is Islam a Joke?’ find its way into the schedules?”
And members of all religions complained that BBC journalists had “a disappointingly low level of basic knowledge about their faiths.”

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