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An Orthodox priest was killed in Egypt over the weekend in what appears to be a deadly trend of targeting Christians as supporters of the popular uprising that led to the removal of Mohamed Morsi from office. Father Cheroubim was shot and killed by masked gunmen in the streets of a northern Sinai Egyptian city. While many Christians did take part in the protests they were also joined by millions of other Egyptians from every religious and ideological background protesting the rights abuses and economic mismanagement that had come to characterize Morsi’s time in power.

By Kim Sengupta

7/7/2013 Egypt (The Independent) – Father Mina Cheroubim had just left his church to go to the market when he was ambushed by masked gunmen. They opened fire, cutting him down in the street; he was already dead by the time he was taken to hospital.

The Coptic Orthodox priest was well-known and liked in El Arish, a small town in northern Sinai. The local Christians and Muslims say they are convinced that the killers were outsiders who had gone in to create division and spread terror in the community.

There have been reports of a series of sectarian attacks in recent days; many Christians believe they have become targets as Egypt has seen an unleashing of rage following the deposition and detention of President Mohamed Morsi by the army.

The Muslim Brotherhood has accused the Coptic hierarchy of being part of a conspiracy to remove their man from power. One of the movement’s leaders lashed out at Pope Tawadros II at a rally, accusing him of violating his predecessors’ policy of non-interference in politics. The head of the church had blessed the move against Mr Morsi and was in attendance when General Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, the army chief, announced the suspension of the constitution.

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