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ICC Note: Indonesia continues to be plagued by discrimination against religious minorities, including Christians. Hundreds of radicals recently protested the construction of a Catholic church, claiming it should not be built in a Muslim area. In 2012 ICC recorded at least 50 Christian churches that were forcibly shut down across Indonesia after pressure and threats from extremists Muslim groups pushed local authorities into action. 
7/3/2013 Indonesia (AsiaNews) – Protesters took to the streets, demanding a stop to construction because the building would only fuel sectarian anger. Catholic sources note that all the right paperwork was done over a ten-year period; they also reject accusations of proselytising. President Yudhoyono is criticised for failing to guarantee complete religious freedom.
Hundreds of Muslim extremists staged a two-day protest against the construction of the Saint Stanislaus Kotska Catholic Church in Kranggan, a sub-district in Bekasi Regency, West Java province.
In what looks like a repeat of events in Bogor, where members of the Yasmin Church are up against local authorities, Catholics in Kranggan might see their efforts come to naught, including their application for a building permit.
They had first applied for the latter began in 2003 and met every bureaucratic request. However, protesters object that a Christian building in a Muslim area would only fuel sectarian conflict and undermine peaceful coexistence among religious groups.
During demonstrations earlier this week, extremists appealed to the authorities in Bekasi to “freeze” the application for a building permit (Izin Mendirikan Bangunan or IMB).
In Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim nation (mostly Sunni), church construction is complicated and can take between five and 10 years before authorisation is granted by local authorities.
In this case, applicants must obtained a number of signatures from local area residents as well as the green light from the Group for Interfaith Dialogue. Oftentimes, Islamist pressures or threats are brought to bear to stop applications.

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