Rescuing and serving persecuted Christians since 1995
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ICC Note: The situation in the predominantly Christian Central African Republic continues to deteriorate into a semi-stable state of anarchy, in which Christians now face immense persecution. Following a rebel take-over of the country in March of this year by radical Islamic sect, Séléka, Christians and minority religious groups throughout the destabilized nation have fallen prey to vandalism, looting, rape and sexual abuse, and acts of torture. Despite a near media black-out, reports detailing systematic acts of brutality and psychological warfare perpetrated against Christians continue to make their way out of the country, raising considerable alarm among believers and human rights and religious freedom advocates worldwide.
7/2/2013 Central African Republic ( – In a recent interview with a publication based in France, the Central African Republic’s leading prelate lamented the unprecedented persecution of Catholics and Protestants that his arisen in his nation in recent months.
The Islamist rebel movement Seleka gained power in March.
Previously, said Archbishop Dieudonné Nzapalainga, “there was no problem between Muslims and Christians.” More recently, “many foreigners, mercenaries arrived massively to invade and also to continue to despoil the people.”
“We have witnessed rapes, acts of torture, robbery, looting, pillage, devastation, vandalism,” he said. “All offices, hospitals, schools, and other institutions were literally destroyed.”
The widespread theft of automobiles and motorcycles from Catholic institutions, Archbishop Nzapalainga added, has drastically reduced pastoral activity, and the bishop of Bangassou must now minister to his diocese on foot.
The nation of 5.1 million is 50% Christian and 15% Muslim; approximately half of the Christians are Catholic. 35% of citizens retain indigenous beliefs.

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