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Egypt’s Christians speak out to voice their displeasure at what they view as a “stolen revolution.” Corruption and an Islamist government have sidetracked the 2011 revolutions originally aimed at overthrowing an autocratic regime. Large numbers of Egyptians – Christian or not – have voiced their displeasure at Morsi and want a truly pluralistic and democratic government.
7/3/2013 Egypt (World Watch Monitor) – Who stole Egypt?
The answer depends on who you ask among the thousands of Egyptians who have swarmed the streets across the country since Sunday (June 30), either to force President Mohamed Morsi out of office, or to support him.
“Now we’re seeing the revolution being threatened,” a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, among the many forming ranks around Morsi, was quoted as saying yesterday by The Guardian.
World Watch Monitor spoke with a number of Christians amid the throngs of protestors. Their view: It is the Muslim Brotherhood that has hijacked what was supposed to be a new, pluralistic Egypt emerging from the January 2011 overthrow of Hosni Mubarak.
“I am depressed because we were not expecting that,” said Amgaed Fahmi, who runs a Cairo import business. “I participated many times in the Jan. 25 revolution. I had a dream of changing, and suddenly the Brotherhood stole the revolution.”
The Christians who spoke with World Watch Monitor this week described themselves as Egyptian patriots tired of economic decline, corruption and a government dominated by Islamists they say have abandoned the original intent of overthrowing an autocratic regime.

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