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ICC Note:
Many among Egypt’s Christians community have taken part in the demonstrations protesting the regime of President Mohammed Morsi. The breakdown of security and violence that has resulted in sectarian violence throughout the country has particularly affected Egyptian Christians. ICC continues to support the Egyptian people as they attempt to establish a stable and secure country inclusive of all Egyptians.
7/1/2013 Egypt (BosNewsLife) – Minority Christians were among millions in Egypt demanding President Mohammed Morsi’s resignation on Monday, July 1, amid concerns their nation was moving rapidly towards a hardline Islamic state after at least 16 people died in several days of massive nationwide protests.
Amid the mounting tensions, the Egyptian military announced on television it was giving President Morsi and opposition leaders 48 hours to settle their differences and agree on a path forward. “If they don’t,” the military said, it “will issue its own plan” for Egypt’s future.
That did little to ease demonstrators who were earlier seen storming the Cairo headquarters of President Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood, after Sunday’s largest protests the nation has seen since the ouster of Hosni Mubarak two years ago.

“Most of the Christians do not want the president,” said priest Rafic Greiche, the spokesman for the Greek Melkite Catholic Church in Egypt. “We have to be clear about this. Most of the Christians have felt during this year that nothing of his promises toward the Christians has been implemented,” Greiche said in comments aired by Vatican Radio.
“And it is very important to know that this year nearly every day we have a sectarian problem: Burning churches, deporting people, and this big attack on the Copt Orthodox cathedral that happened two months ago.”

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