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Dear Friend,
Millions of Egyptians are currently on the streets of Tahrir Square in Egypt, demanding that Islamist President Mohammed Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood government step down.
The people are sick of his increasingly clear Islamist agenda and his economic mismanagement. The Morsi government has been brutal towards Christians and they have joined in the protests.
Recently, Morsi warned he would use the military against the crowds to restore order if he was threatened.
Well, one hour ago, the military came on the official government TV channel of Egypt (channel 1), saying that Morsi had to deal with the unrest in 48 hours or they will step in.
This seems to be great news but we worry that this could be a Morsi strategy to crush the protests while giving himself political cover. The Muslim Brotherhood has been waiting in the wings for 80 years – they will not go down without a fight and they are absolutely not afraid to use brutality.
Egypt stands on a precipice and whether it tilts toward an Islamic State or a democratic and free one is being worked out in the streets as you read this. The Islamists have been brutal towards Christians throughout their first year of power. If they are not deposed, the future is extremely bleak.
Please stop and pray fervently for Egypt. Pray for democracy so that the Christians, secularists, and moderate Muslims can live in peace. Prayer and the Lord are the true hope of the people as they face a foe that is organized, well-funded, politically savvy, and willing to use violence.
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