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ICC Note: As a nation with some of the worst Christian persecution in East Asia good news is often hard to come by. But the determined efforts of Christians advocating on behalf of four families that had faced severe persecution and the loss of almost all of there belongings paid off when the Vietnamese government agreed to resettle the families and provide them with some compensation. The positive turn of events is a strong reminder that the persistent pressure of advocacy can and does make a difference in the lives of Christians around the world persecuted for their faith. 
6/27/2013 Vietnam (CIC) – Vietnamese authorities in Kontum Province this month resettled four severely persecuted ethnic Sedang Christian families on new land not far from where their homes and farms had been destroyed last February. This is a rare, positive government response to persecution and an important step in the struggle for religious liberty – if it becomes a precedent.
In mid-February five Sedang minority families in Ngoc La village, Tumorong District, who had become Christians about a year earlier, suffered nightly raids on their homes and fields by local people, animists who strongly opposed their conversion and tried to force them to recant Christianity (see Morning Star News, Feb. 26). First their personal and household possessions were wantonly destroyed; next their houses were damaged beyond use; finally, thousands of coffee plants and fruit trees in their fields, ready to yield crops, were cut down and destroyed. During the raids, some members of the families were beaten, and all were terrorized and forced to flee into the forest under threat of death.

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