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ICC Note:
Large demonstrations are planned to challenge Egypt’s Islamist President Mohammed Morsi. In the one year since his election Christians have especially suffered from the increasing Islamization of Egyptian society that has led to abuse and discrimination. Christians have also repeatedly been prosecuted under claims of “blasphemy” that are largely illegitimate. The promises that were made to create a pluralistic Egypt that respected all of its religious and ethnic minorities have largely gone unfulfilled leading many, including Christians to challenge the legitimacy of Morsi’s presidency.
6/26/2013 Egypt (Fox News) – In abstract terms, Sunday’s planned protests aimed at forcing out Islamist President Mohammed Morsi would seem to violate a basic principle of democracy: If a fair vote is conducted, even if the majority is slim or the turnout modest, all must respect the results. Otherwise it’s political chaos.
Morsi’s Islamist supporters have been angrily making that argument for weeks, accusing loyalists of the ousted autocrat Hosni Mubarak of being behind the campaign against the president and of aiming to thwart democracy, one of the main aspirations of the 2011 revolution that removed him.
But the organizers of Sunday’s protests insist he has lost legitimacy through what they call a series of power grabs, missteps and poor decisions, and that Morsi, his Muslim Brotherhood and their Islamist allies are using victories — at times narrow — scored in elections during a still nascent and transitioning democracy to control it completely for themselves.
They argue the Islamists unfairly set the rules of the game by pushing through a new constitution without consensus, broke the rules with decrees that for a period put Morsi above oversight, ran roughshod over the courts and attacked previous anti-Morsi protesters. In their eyes, he is allowing one faction — Islamists ranging from the Brotherhood to ultraconservative Salfis and more radical groups — to monopolize power and take the country down a more Islamist and sectarian path beyond any election mandate.

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