Rescuing and serving persecuted Christians since 1995
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ICC Note:
As a minority within Iraq the Christian community has faced direct persecution in the past. As the country debates over the rights to be enshrined in the constitution the Christian community feels that it is continuing to be marginalized and subject to injustices. The turmoil of the past decade has led to a mass exodus of Christians from their homeland a trend that Iraqi Christian leaders hope can be reversed.
6/25/2013 Iraq (Christian Post) – Dr. Yousef Francis Matta Eklimis, a member of the National Assembly of Unified Christians List, has spoke out against the discrimination and injustice that Christians in Iraq are suffering.
“Iraqi Christians have suffered much injustice and marginalization. Even their rights are being ignored in the new constitution,” Eklimis told Mideast Christian News.
“We aim to get our rights by initiating article 125 of the constitution, which is based on self-management of Christian areas,” Eklimis explained.
Eklimis stated that his list seeks unity, maintenance of privacy and providing of services.
“We will seek to unite Christians in Iraq,” he noted, “By maintaining communication with concerned authorities to complete the establishment of the University of Hamdania, as well as educating people on peaceful coexistence, particularly in Christian areas, while maintaining the privacy of these areas and halting any attempts to change the demographics of them. In addition to this, various projects for the development of Christian areas in Iraq, generally, and in Nineveh in particular will be carried out.”
He also note the need for reducing the migration of Christians out of the country.

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