Rescuing and serving persecuted Christians since 1995
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ICC Note:
A June report for this year details that despite a population of 31 million, Afghanistan is home to less than 5,000 indigenous Christians and even less churches—zero, to be exact. As Christians continue to face immense persecution as a result of the incorporation of Shari’ah Law into that of the Afghan constitution and hostilities held by the Karzai regime toward religious minorities, believers in the battle-torn nation suffer honor killings, harsh imprisonment and arbitrary detention, and even summary execution by the Afghan state. The central Asian nation was recently categorized as the third most hostile nation on the earth toward Christianity by an international faith-based NGO.
06/25/2013 Afghanistan (Frontline Missions International) – Afghanistan ranks third among nations most severely opposed to the Cross. There are 48,000 mosques in the country—but not a single church building. Afghanistan’s population is 31 million, but estimates show there are less than 5,000 indigenous believers in this nation that has radical Islamic sharia law written into its constitution.
Because of strong family traditions, any Muslim who comes to Christ is often in danger of an “honor killing” by the family even before the government decides to pursue them, and Muslims who convert to Christ are subject to harsh imprisonment and possible execution by the authorities.
Some make the world news, such as Abdul Rahman and Sayed Musa, who were spared from death as international efforts intervened to get them out of Afghanistan, and Shoaib Assadullah, who was brutally abused in prison before he was finally allowed to flee to Canada due to international pressures—but most others go unnoticed.

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