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ICC Note:
Apostasy, or conversion from Islam, which is strictly prohibited in Somalia (as all Somalis are believed to be born Muslim) lead to the death of 28 year-old husband and father Hassan Hurshe on June 7th of this year. Extra-judicially executed by Al Shabaab insurgents in a public square in Jilib for his conversion to Christianity in Kenya in 2006, Hurshe was reportedly monitored by Al Shabaab adherents for years prior to his murder. Survived by his wife and child, Hurshe’s family has since fled the area, mourning the loss of their loved one as refugees in a foreign land.
06/24/2013 Somalia (Morning Star News) – Islamic extremists from the rebel [group] Al Shabaab in Somalia earlier this month publicly shot a young man to death after identifying him as a Christian, sources said.
The insurgents in Jamaame district in southern Somalia had been monitoring 28-year-old Hassan Hurshe since his arrival from a Kenya in 2010 and determined that he had become a Christian while in Kenya, said area Muslim sources whose names are withheld for security reasons.
Al Shabaab members on June 7 brought Hurshe to a public place in the town of Jilib and shot him in the head, they said.
“Many people watched this horrible action, including women and children,” said a witness.
Another area resident independently confirmed this account of the execution. A leader of the Somali underground church in Kenya who had also heard of the murder said Hurshe converted to Christianity in 2006, married in 2008 and fathered a baby boy in 2009.
The family left for Jilib, a town of about 45,000 in the Middle Juba Region, in the latter part of 2010 to visit family and start a small food shop, the source said.
Somalis are considered Muslim by birth, and apostasy, or leaving Islam, is punishable by death. After the execution, Hurshe’s parents, widow and son fled the area, a local resident said.
Many Somali members of Christian fellowships in Kenya have returned to Somalia after formation of a Somali government on Aug. 20, 2012, which replaced the Transitional Federal Government. Somali government troops backed by African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) forces have retaken large swathes of territory from the rebels.
Al Shabaab, said to have ties with Al Qaeda terrorists, has vowed to rid Somalia of Christians, who meet secretly due to persecution.

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