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ICC Note: A city in California is being sued by a group of humanists for helping to fund a war memorial depicting a soldier kneeling at a gravestone marked with a cross. The group says the monument endorses religion and is therefore a violation of the “separation of church and state.” A legal group is representing the city and argues that is simply another attempt to remove any reference whatsoever to Christianity from the public square in the United States. 
6/20/2013 United States (Charisma) – A humanist group is suing Lake Elsinore, Calif., for funding a monument depicting a soldier kneeling at a gravestone with a cross on it.
The 6-foot-tall black granite monument to veterans would stand in front of the Lake Elsinore Diamond Baseball Stadium.
The memorial features a World War II soldier kneeling at the gravesite of a fallen comrade, with other graves showing crosses and stars of David.
The American Humanist Association claims the monument is a government-sponsored religious symbol.
The Pacific Justice Institute represents the city in the case and says the lawsuit is a desperate attempt to remove Christianity from the public square.
“A war memorial is not unconstitutional,” PJI attorney Brad Dacus said.
“It doesn’t endorse a religion simply because it depicts a cemetary from World War II where it has crosses and stars of David shown as grave markings,” he explained.

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