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ICC Note: Although the exact charges are still unclear, a court in Taiyuan, China, has sentenced two Christians to prison terms of five and two years. In major cities in China some Christian bookstores are allowed to operate, but the risk of facing charges under almost any pretext is always present. ICC will continue to follow this case and look for ways to assist Brother Ren and Brother Li. 
6/19/2013 China (ChinaAid) – On June 17, 2013, a court decision regarding Enyu Bookstore’s (located in Taiyuan, Shanxi) case was made. The court of Xiaodian district of Taiyuan sentenced brother Lacheng Ren to five years in prison and brother Wenxi Li to two years. Their lawyer and friends were greatly disturbed by the court’s verdict. The court completely twisted the facts throughout their decision-making process. The defense lawyer made a compelling argument in the trail against the prosecutor. But when it came to making a decision, the court completely disregarded the facts and laws. Brother Li’s family is preparing to appeal to a higher court in response to this unjust verdict.
ChinaAid was shocked to learn of the injustices brother Ren and brother Li suffered. Through this case, we have seen that the principles on which the Chinese judicial system is allegedly founded upon are being thrown “out the window.” The local judicial office exercises the authority to make any decision they please, often paying no attention whatsoever to the written law and principles. By closely examining the legal procedures, such as police investigation, judicial department’s prosecution, and the court’s decision making, we have seen that the government officials neglect the law in every respect. It would be no exaggeration to view this verdict as an unjust political decision, intending to suppress the freedom of religion.

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