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Witnessing to the love of Christ in Syria, plagued by hatred and war
ICC Note:
In the midst of war-torn Syria a small group of Christians in a small local church are a light in the darkness. Pray for peace in Syria.
By Simone Cantarini
06/20/2013 Syria (AsiaNews)- “In a small village north of Aleppo conquered by the rebels Fr. Hanna, a Franciscan priest, rings the bell each day at the small local church. The chimes mark the hours of the day and are a sign of hope for the whole population, Christian and Muslim, knowing that in the small chapel there is someone ready to listen, to alleviate their suffering, regardless of faction, and religious beliefs. In Damascus, Aleppo, Homs and other cities, the Sisters of the Good Shepherd provide continuous assistance to the displaced, bringing clean clothes, food and words of comfort. ”
“Fr. Hanna – says the bishop – like other priests around the country, has become a reference point for the community. People respect and appreciate him for his simple presence, because he decided to stay, at a time when everyone is trying to escape. During these months, the Islamist insurgents have repeatedly ordered the removal of the bells, because they are not in line with the Sharia law imposed by force. With the help of the population, mostly Muslim, the young Franciscan however, resisted, he was not frightened and continues to bring aid, food to the poor, visiting the sick and elderly and guide young people in search of odd jobs to sustain their families. ”

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