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ICC Note:
Baptists in Uzbekistan have refused to register their churches and worship meetings with the government, as they believe that being required to do so violates their right to religious freedom. They would be correct! However, recently law enforcement authorities have raided and stopped a group of Baptists from meeting.
06/18/2013 Uzbekistan (Interfax)- Uzbek law enforcement authorities have stopped the operations of an unregistered community of Baptist dissenters in the city of Gazalkent in the Tashkent Region, local mass media outlets reported on Tuesday.
“The community leader, Gazalkent resident Nikolay Savrovsky, 65, and Russian citizen Vasilisa Yeshchevtseva are accused of holding illegal religious gatherings in a private house with the participation of around a dozen locals,” media reports said citing sources in the Uzbek law enforcement authorities.
The incident is being investigated.
Over 2,200 religious organizations of 16 confessions currently operate in Uzbekistan. Besides Muslim organizations, the country has 159 Christian organizations, eight Jewish communities, ets.

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