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ICC Note:
Twenty Congressmen have urged Secretary of State John Kerry to put pressure on the Romanian government to return church property and end “persecution”. When Romania was under communist rule, the government “confiscated 2,140 schools, hospitals, orphanages and other charitable and civic institutions from the Roman Catholic, Hungarian Reformed, Evangelical Lutheran, and Unitarian churches, as well as 1,980 Jewish communal properties, as well as all properties, including church buildings themselves, from the Greek Catholic Church that it summarily banned.” The letter demands that “illegally confiscated religious institutions be immediately returned in a fair and equitable manner.”
By Stephen J. Bos
06/18/2013 Romania (BosNews)- Twenty U.S. congressmen have urged Secretary of State John Kerry to pressure Romania’s government to end “persecution” and “fully restitute” properties that were “illegally confiscated” from churches and other religious groups under Communism after 1945.
In a letter obtained by BosNewsLife Saturday, June 15, the American legislators also express concern about three members of the Romanian Property Restitution Committee who were sentenced to long prison terms after returning the Székely Mikó Reformed High School in the town of Sepsiszentgyörgy, or Sfantu Gheorghe in Romanian, to the Hungarian Reformed Church.
“On June 28, 2012, the Buzău Court of Appeal reversed the original decision to return the [school], retroactively fined the church and sentenced three members” of the Committee “to three years imprisonment solely for performing their duty while trying to serve justice,” the congressmen wrote.
The Romanian Sureme Court was to decide on June 27 the final fate of the three defendants, identified as ethnic Hungarians Attila Markó and Tamás Marosán and Silviu Clim, an ethnic Romanian.
Romania’s government, the congressmen added, “began persecuting the very individuals, who, in their official capacities, are trying to serve justice and restore properties to their rightful owners.”

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