Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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ICC Note:
Read the full report that explores whether or not there is an increase of violence against Christian woman in Muslim countries. You will find that un-equivocally, yes—the combination of being both a woman and a Christian in Muslim countries results in greater violence and even death. An excerpt:  “Because Christians are perceived as undesirable minorities in Muslim countries, they are subject to extreme persecution, repression and violence. As we will see, all women are traditionally treated as second-class citizens under Islam. However, Christian females arein even worse straits than Muslims, because they are the weakest members of an “infidel,” outcast population. Whatever abuses Muslim women and girls may suffer –and their wounds are many – Christian females’ sufferings are exponentially more intense and life-threatening.”
By Lela Gilbert
06/13/2013 (WWM)- Christians are repressed, threatened and persecuted under the iron fist of Islam in Turkey, Indonesia, Nigeria, Sudan, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Algeria, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Maldives, Algeria, Morocco, Azerbaijan, Libya, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, the Palestinian Territories and beyond. Often too in parts of countries (the Muslim dominated areas). There are anecdotal reports from every one of these countries that include sexual abuse as a form of Christian persecution.
Unfortunately, no one knows the numbers of specific persecution victims who suffer in this specific way. When inquiries are made, journalists, diplomats and expatriates describe the subject as “taboo.” Indeed, along with fear of “doing greater harm,” mistrust and cultural secrecy stifle reports from inside restricted countries. And those who flee for safety’s sake are generally willing to speak only in whispers and generalities, unlikely to name names, cite specific examples, or somehow inadvertently endanger those they’ve left behind. Victims have their own reasons for silence – they simply do not want to recount or revisit the brutalities they have endured.
Nonetheless, what we know very well is that Christian women and children suffer widespread gender abuse in Muslim majority states. The analysis of existing evidence points to the indisputable fact that gender abuse is steadily and strategically weaponized; it is a key armament in the arsenals of all sorts of Muslim extremists – including but not limited to terrorists. This vile weaponry is available to be put to use for purposes of Islamic dominance and deadly jihadi assaults against Christian communities across the world.

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