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ICC Note: Marking a small step towards preserving religious values in American culture, an appellate court in Arizona has thrown out a lawsuit by an atheist organization against the states governor, Jan Brewer, for her “Day of Prayer” proclamation.  The plaintiffs argument that they were harmed by the proclamation was dismissed by the courts. Atheist organizations regularly bring lawsuits against any and all perceived breaches of the “wall of separation” of church and state.  
6/13/2013 United States (Christian Post) – A three-judge panel from an appellate court decided to throw out a lawsuit against Arizona’s “Day of Prayer” proclamations over the belief that the plaintiffs lacked standing.
Judges from the Arizona Court of Appeals Division One unanimously concluded Tuesday that the suit advanced by the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation was invalid.
Writing for the panel, Judge Donn Kessler said the offended party could not show how they were specifically harmed by the Day of Prayer Proclamations issued by Governor Jan Brewer.
Furthermore, noted Kessler, none of the plaintiffs appear to have been Arizona taxpayers, which jeopardized their claim that Brewer’s usage of taxpayer dollars to write up and issue the proclamations caused them harm.

In a statement, Gov. Brewer expressed gratitude to the Ariz. Court for “rejecting this needless legal challenge to an American custom and tradition.”
“For centuries, Americans of every race, creed and color have voluntarily come together to embrace a founding freedom and pray for wisdom and strength,” said Brewer. “This is an American tradition, and one I’ve been proud to commemorate each year I’ve been Governor by proclaiming an Arizona Day of Prayer.”
For the past couple of years, the FFRF has attempted to get Arizona’s Day of Prayer Proclamations declared unconstitutional.

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