Rescuing and serving persecuted Christians since 1995
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ICC Note: According to this brief and as of yet unconfirmed report around 160 Christians in the Southern Philippine island of Mindanao were forced to flee their villages after armed Muslims attacked with mortar fire. So far there has been no update on whether casualties were suffered by the Christian villagers during the attack. Although the Philippines is overwhelmingly catholic (More than 82%) armed groups of Muslims militants on the island of Mindanao have clashed with the Philippine government for years and occasionally attacked or harassed Christian groups. 
6/13/2013 Philippines (Canada Free Press) – On June 1st, approximately 160 Christians were forced to flee their villages after they were attacked by Muslim extremists. The villages of Malipayon, Saban of Barnagay, Maybula and New Bunawan were attacked at about 9 a.m. that Saturday. An estimated 300 armed men fired more than five mortars in an attempt to cause harm to the unsuspecting residents of these communities.
The Christians who fled the attacks are now in need of food, mosquito nets, bed sheets, sleeping mats and medicine. Many have become ill because they weren’t able to take their bedding or medications with them while fleeing the attacks. These persecuted Christians are currently unable to return to their villages because they fear the militant Muslims will kill them and burn down their homes.

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