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ICC Note: A group of about eight religious radicals from the Islamic Defenders Front raided an interfaith dialogue Tuesday night on the Indonesian island of West Java. The radicals were actually backed by police as they interruppted the service and demanded the organizers of the dialogue report the police station. Police had a vehicle waiting to take the organizers in for questioning. The even is the latest in a string of church closures and protests by an increasingly vocal radical Islamic element in Indonesian society that targets Christians and more moderate Muslims. 
6/12/2013 Indonesia (Jakarta Globe) – A small group of religious hard-liners backed up by police disrupted an interfaith dialogue on Tuesday night, claiming that the event was conducted without a permit.
At the end of Uli Abshar Abdalla and Bambang Noorsena’s “Islamic-Christian Theology Dialogue: Textual Criticism on Biblical and Koranic Text Variants,” eight people showed up and demanded to see the committee who planned the event. They then forced the organizers to go to the Surabaya Police station to be questioned.
“The weird thing is that the police officers who were present stayed quiet, regardless of what the group did,” Ahmad Zaimul Hamdi, a committee member and activist with the Anti-Violence Society Network, said on Wednesday.
“The police even provided a vehicle to bring the organizers to the police station.”
Ahmad said that the event was part of an academic discussion that analyzed the Koran and the Bible from both Islamic and Christian perspectives. Hundreds of people attended the event, and the discussion was going smoothly until the small group of hard-liners arrived on the scene.
In reality, the committee did obtain a police permit to conduct the event in a restaurant in South Surabaya. However, law enforcers revoked the permit shortly after on the grounds that the restaurant no longer wanted the event to be held at its location.

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