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Prayer Focus for today, June 11: Pray for suffering Chinese Christians.
Will you stop what you are doing right now and take a minute to pray for suffering Christians in China? Here are 4 things to focus on as you pray:
1. Pray for even greater freedoms for the underground church, which continues to grow rapidly even though its meetings are technically illegal.
2. Pray for the Christians, especially pastors, who are currently imprisoned or detained for refusing to join the church controlled by the Communist Party.
3. Pray for each Christian in China to eventually have a personal copy of the Bible.
4. Pray for new pastors and Bible teachers to instruct the ever expanding church. New teachers are especially needed, but they have to risk teaching in underground Bible schools, which are technically illegal as well, and even more susceptible to being shut down by the government than underground churches.
Download your prayer calendar here, and spend some time praying daily for the greatest needs of the persecuted Church worldwide!