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ICC Note:
The Christian community in Syria finds itself in an extremely challenging situation as the conflict between rebel and government forces continue. Many within the rebel forces are known to be foreign fighters with ties to Islamic terrorist organizations and are anti-Christian. These groups have magnified the divisions between Syrians of different faith traditions and have created conflict where there was previously tolerance.
6/10/2013 Syria (Religious Freedom Coalition) – Christians who fled their homes in Quisar, Syria, during fighting between government forces and Syrian terrorist groups are now returning to find only rubble where their homes once stood.
They’re also finding their churches destroyed and anti-Christian graffiti left on the walls by the so-called Syrian “rebels” – most of whom are linked to Al Qaeda terrorist organizations.
Syrian government forces, with help from Hezbollah in Lebanon, have finally driven the foreign fighters from Quisar, and Christians are finally feeling safe enough to return to their home city.
Quisar’s Christian population is estimated to be around 10% of the more than 40,000 residents of this community.

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