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Corey Baily
Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan Sentences Pastors For Evangelism, Literature Distribution
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Things have been steadily heating up in Central Asia. It seems that Islamic extremism is increasing and that religious minorities, including Christians, will be the ones to suffer. Recent cases in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are focused on in this article.
By BosNewsLife News Center
06/04/2013 Central Asia (Bosnews)- Kashkumbaev’s detention and the conviction of his colleague in Uzbekistan has raised concern among local Christians of that a return to the Soviet-era when believers were persecuted.
“If the church all over the world ignores this and there is no reaction from the West,” warned Kusack, “I believe this type of persecution will continue.”
It also comes amid concerns that Islamic extremism in Central Asia and the Caucasus will further increase in the next few years, according to a new report by Anna Münster, a Fellow of the Russia and Eurasia Programme at think-tank Chatham House.
She said that the American military withdrawal from nearby Afghanistan in 2014, and expected regime changes in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan threaten to destabilize the region, providing radicals with a platform from which to operate.
Münster accused the West of deliberately “closing of the eyes” to human rights abuses in Uzbekistan, including torture, as Western governments have vested interests in the country.

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