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ICC Note:
A Christian advocacy group has asked Christians across the world to keep persecuted Christians from Eritrea in their prayers this weekend. It is thought that almost 200 Christians have been arrested and imprisoned for religious activities in Eritrea this year alone. All together, reports estimate that as many as 1,200 Christians are currently imprisoned for their faith. Prison conditions for Christians in
6/8/2013 Eritrea (One News Now) – A Christian advocacy group is asking for prayer for Christians who are being persecuted in one of the most oppressive countries in the world.
Religious persecution in Eritrea is at its height, one Christian advocacy group says. The country of six billion people is located between Sudan, Ethiopia and the Red Sea. This year, almost 200 Christians have been arrested in the country, and it is estimated that roughly 1,200 Christians are currently incarcerated. In the Eritrean town of Adi Keyh, 37 Christian students and five adult men were arrested in May. Christians who are discovered are put in shipping containers in military camps.
Jerry Dykstra is coordinator of media relations with Open Doors. He says there is no word of how those imprisoned Christians are faring.
“Nobody knows what’s happened to them, not even their families, because there’s no process,” he says. “We just ask your prayers for the Protestant and evangelical churches; pray that the president will obey the basic laws of freedom and there will be judicial process. Pray that Eritera will be a country with complete freedom for everybody to have their faith and to worship.”

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