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ICC Note:
It seems the effects of Islamization in Turkey have reached a tipping point, as is evidenced by the recent protests in the streets.  It is increasingly difficult to be a Christian, as this young man found when his friends disapproved of his choice of spouse.  In this article he shares about the beating he received from police and the threats they made to “rape his Christian wife.”
By Lonna Lisa Williams
06/07/2013 Turkey (Digital Journal)- Handcuffed and kneeling, a young Turkish man was repeatedly hit in the face by four police officers as they saturated his eyes with pepper spray.
“‘I will rape your Christian wife one hour later,’ one of the police officers told me. I was kneeling on the first level of the police station floor—where there is no surveillance camera. About four officers were gathered around me. They kicked me in the ribs. They kept beating me on the head and face with their fists. Then one of them sprayed tear gas into my eyes. The pepper spray made my whole face red. But I wouldn’t be quiet like they told me.”
I would still be in jail if my wife wasn’t American. Erdogan fears that American passport. He wants to look good to his friend Obama. Since he came back from Africa, he has been making big speeches to his Islamist followers. He imprisoned the top army officers who followed Ataturk. I don’t think Erdogan will back down. Dark days are coming.”

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