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ICC Note:
After struggling under persecution for years, Christians in Nepal are beginning to truly experience the blessing of religious freedom. Christians are now able to share their faith publicly with little fear of retribution. Nepal is now a democracy that supports the right to religious freedom. It used to be a Hindu Kingdom that suppressed the spread of the Church. Praise God for this wonderful news.
6/5/2013 Nepal (MNN) ―  Nepal is known for being on top of the world, a place home to the “Garden of Dreams.” It’s also a country where a struggle for power continues between Hindus and Maoists.
Caught in the crossfire: the Christians. Traditionally, Christians in Nepal not only come under attack from political parties, but also from co-workers and family members.
For a few years, as the turmoil of a new government and new constitution threatened believers, it seemed that the future was bleak. However, the outright hostility in the last couple of years seems to be settling down. Fewer reports are coming in from persecution watchdog groups.
That’s good news, says Bibles For the World president, Mawii Pudaite. It’s been exciting to see God working in such an obvious way. “A few years ago, we were not allowed to witness openly to people in Nepal. Pastors were imprisoned for witnessing and preaching the Word of God.”
Today, Nepal is a democratic nation, not a Hindu kingdom. However, Pudaite cautions, “The ruling party is currently communist. There is freedom of religion in the country. Although no one knows how long this freedom will last.” She goes on to urge other Christians to take advantage of this opportunity to share the Gospel. Why? People are ready for it.
An example: The Bibles For the World team arrived in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, on a Friday. On Saturday when Pudaite came down for breakfast, “One of the managers of the Hotel where we stayed came over and asked me, “Are you a Christian?”
Pudaite warmly responded that she was. Then, “He told me, ‘Sometime ago, someone gave me a Bible. It is in English. And I cannot understand the English fully. I would like to read the Bible in Nepali, my language, even though I am a Hindu. Do you have the Bible in Nepali?'”
The manager left the exchange happy about her promise, and Pudaite was both thrilled and excited. The following Tuesday morning, she presented him with the Nepali Bible. “I also shared with him the plan of salvation. The manager invited Christ into his heart. Before we left Kathmandu, I was able to introduce this newborn babe in Christ to a local pastor to look after him.”
An auspicious beginning, indeed. Saturday, they visited a Worship Service at the Isai Mandali Church, a body which recently celebrated their 50th Anniversary, possibly making them the oldest church in Kathmandu.

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