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Head of Uzbek Bible Society Denies Persecution of Bible
ICC Note:
The executive director of Uzbekistan’s Bible Society is denying claims that people in Uzbekistan are prohibited from having Bibles in their homes.  This comes not long after a Christian in Uzbekistan had her Bible and other religious literature confiscated and criminal charges brought against her for the “Illegal production, storage, import or distribution of religious literature.” Individuals in Uzbekistan may only own government approved religious material in approved amounts. While Bibles are allowed in the country, the restrictions placed on the type and number one can own continues to be an infringement on their citizen’s rights to religious freedom.
06/03/2013 Uzbekistan (InterfaxR)- Khalmat Ashirov, executive director of Uzbekistan’s Bible Society, has denied the reports by some local media stating that people in Uzbekistan are prohibited from having bibles in their homes.
“This information is false,” Ashirov told reporters in Tashkent.
Thousands of bibles and its parts in Russian and other languages have been brought into Uzbekistan since the foundation of the Bible Society in Uzbekistan, he said…
“The Bible is true world heritage and it’s just sick to say that it can be prohibited in any country. If that information was true to at least some degree, not only the use of the Bible, but also the activities of Uzbekistan’s Bible Society would be prohibited,” he said.
The work of the Bible Society, periodic receipt of religious literature, and the creation of the Bible Society’s website indicate that the rights of believers are protected in Uzbekistan, he said.

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