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State Senate passes last-minute resolution critical of Turkey
ICC Note:
The Illinois Senate passed a “non-binding resolution” on Friday which criticizes the Turkish government’s restrictions of religious freedom, particularly as it refers to Orthodox Christians. Orthodox leaders have stated that this is “an important statement on worldwide religious freedom.”
By Mitch Smith
06/03/2013 United States (ChicagoTribune)- The Illinois Senate passed a non-binding resolution Friday criticizing the Turkish government’s treatment of Eastern Orthodox religious leaders. The measure, approved just before lawmakers ended the spring session, included an amendment recognizing Turkey’s recent efforts to address Orthodox Christian grievances…
Orthodox leaders said the resolution was an important statement on worldwide religious freedom. Church officials criticized Turkey for confiscating church lands, closing an important religious school and imposing citizenship requirements on the church’s patriarch.
Turkey, a predominantly Muslim nation that is the historical home of Orthodox Christianity, has returned land around the shuttered school and made it easier for church leaders to become Turkish citizens in recent years.

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