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ICC Note: The wife of American-Iranian Pastor Saeed Abedini is set to bring the details of his case before the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva. Pastor Saeed has been imprisoned for 250 days in Iran’s Evin Prison. Pastor Saeed who has made frequent visits to Iran was arrested in 2012 while taking part in a project to build an orphanage. He has been sentenced to eight years in prison. It is hoped that international pressure from the UN and other organizations will prompt Iran to grant Pastor Saeed fair treatment and rights before the law.
by Laura Oneale
6/1/2013 Iran (Guardian Express) – The 33-year-old American-Iranian pastor, Saeed Abedini, held in an Iranian prison might finally be over as his wife and legal team travel to Geneva to present the case to the United Nations Human Rights Council. They will urge the organization to push harder for the pastor’s immediate release.
The American-Iranian pastor is serving an eight-year prison term in the Evin prison of Tehran. He was imprisoned for his Christian faith belief. His wife Naghmeh and their two young children reside in Idaho. She has been telling his story to various media outlets and testified before government, hoping for intervention and assistance in obtaining his release.
His wife reported that her husband had been in the brutal prison long enough, and is suffering serious injuries, including internal bleeding because of the prison torture and frequent beatings. According to several of his supporters, Pastor Abedini had endured long stints of solitary confinement. He did not receive proper medical attention and they raised a serious concern regarding his well-being. She said her husband and many other Christian believers had been imprisoned for their faith.

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