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Bishops to the government: no to religious discrimination in textbooks
ICC Note: Government-sanctioned school textbooks in Pakistan contain blatant anti-religious-minority material, the Fides News Agency reports. Pakistani children are taught that other religious groups, mainly Christians and Hindus, are the enemies of Muslims. Pakistani Christians often tell ICC that they are viewed as second class citizens and even as non-Pakistani. “All Pakistanis are Muslims, we’re told,” said one Christian. Christian children are also harassed in public schools, often times as a result of the material being read in school textbooks. 
5/30/2013 Pakistan (Fides) – The education and formation of the mentality of young people are one of the key points on which to intervene to change Pakistan, to reduce religious intolerance and to promote harmony and peace in society. Based on this assumption, the Commission “Justice and Peace” of the Episcopal Conference submits to the new Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif – engaged in the formation of a new government – the topic of religious discrimination in textbooks and taught at school. In a note sent to Fides, the Commission also noted that non-Muslim students, enrolled in public school, are in fact forced to follow Islamic studies and this is a violation of their inalienable rights. According to a study published by the Commission “Justice for Peace”, and sent to Fides Agency, 55 chapters in 22 textbooks used in Sindh and Punjab contain false, offensive and discriminatory statements against religious minorities. In the note sent to Fides by Peter Jacob, executive director of the Commission, stated that, paradoxically, the dilemma is between “education or spreading hatred”, given that the texts report distorted historical facts and create prejudice in boys and girls and feed intolerance towards religious minorities.

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