Rescuing and serving persecuted Christians since 1995
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This sweet boy came to Shekinah (an ICC supported orphanage for Burmese children) completely blind. He had been thrown against a wall by a drunk KNU (Karen National Union) soldier. His aunt brought him, asking for the Christians to pray for him that he would regain his sight. The leaders at Shekinah prayed fervently for him overnight, and the next day some of his sight came back. Through this, Neh Leh Oo’s aunt and her family came to know Christ!
He now sees well enough to walk, play and function, but he can only do school if the letters and numbers are at least 3 inches tall. Despite his impaired vision, he is an extremely bright student, and excels in his studies.
Doctors have examined his eyes, and explained that the nerves connected to his eyes were completely dead, and that no surgery can repair the damage. Knowing now that only God’s power can heal Neh Leh Oo, the staff and the children have started gathering around Neh Leh Oo every night at evening worship to pray for him.
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