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ICC Note: The health of several Christians who are imprisoned in Iran for their faith is improving, Present Truth Ministries reports. “Remember all of these believers in prayer.  The situations that they face are quite difficult,” writes Jason DeMars, the director of Present Truth Ministries. “I know first-hand some believers that have been imprisoned for their faith and have showed great courage in the midst of great suffering.  I can testify to you that they are people just like you and I, with the same weaknesses and the same fears; but when it came their time to suffer for the sake of Jesus Christ, grace was given to them.”
4/19/2013 Iran (Present Truth Ministries) – We have received news from our contacts in Iran that Pastor Behnam Irani’s health has improved. We give thanks to the Lord for that.  He still has some problems with his back and his intestinal ulcer, but both problems seem to have stabilized.  This is not a result of the Iranian regime providing medical care, rather, it is the work of our gracious Lord to improve the situation of his child.
We’ve also received reports that Alireza Seyyedian, who is serving a five-year sentence for his Christian faith, is in good health and his family is able to visit him quite frequently.

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