Rescuing and serving persecuted Christians since 1995
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ICC Note:
Two families in India’s northeastern state of Orissa converted to Christianity in February 2013. After refusing to make contributions to the local Hindu temple, radicals in the area broke into the homes of these two families robbing them of their belongings, beating them and banishing them from their village. The families fled the village fearing future attacks and informed the police of the attack on their families. So far the police have done little to bring the perpetrators to justice. In Orissa, this denial of justice to Christians is fairly typical. In 2008, anti-Christian riots displaced thousands of Christians in Orissa as mobs of Hindu radicals burned down houses and church and killing many Christians they captured.  
5/15/2013 India (ICAN) – Mohan Soren of Dengabahali village, PO. Birosalo, Police station Kongkodahado, Dist – Dhenkanal, Odisha and Rabi Narayan Marandi, Bhalu Tanggaro village, PO Birosalo, Police station Kongkodahado, Dist – Dhenkanal, Odisha, along with their families came to faith in Jesus Christ in February 2013. Both the families felt that they need not participate in their village puja ceremonies and stopped giving their contribution to the temple.
Aggrieved by this the villagers planned a strategy to attack the families. One day the angry mob entered Monah Soren house, forcefully took his belongings, costly vessels, rice etc. Later they beat Rabi Narayan Marandi badly and ordered both the families to leave the village immediately. So, with much fear of the mob they fled from their village. Now they are staying in a nearby village.
On 1st of March they informed the Kongkodahado police station regarding the incident but the police did not take any action and on the contrary asked Mohan Soren and Rabi Narayan Marandi to give puja contribution. It is understood that they have informed the SP & Sub-collector, but they too have not taken any steps. These families are in fear of further attacks.

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