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A Catholic priest who survived the bombing of St. Joseph’s on May 5 recounts his terrifying experience. Shortly into the opening celebration of the new church, a bomb was tossed into the church. The explosion caused a panic which led to the deaths of three people and the wounding of over 50. Two of the deceased where children who were trampled in the panic. Tanzanian police have arrested and charged a young man in connection with the bombing and have vowed to bring whoever is behind this attack to justice.  
5/15/2013 Tanzania (The Standard) – A Catholic priest who survived the bombing of a church in the Tanzanian northern city of Arusha on May 5 has recounted the terrifying experience.
Father Samy Amaldoss was caught up in the attack at St Joseph the Worker Catholic Church in Olasti, a suburb of Arusha.
But he was lucky to escape unscathed during the incident that left three people dead and at least 30 others injured. Some victims are still admitted to hospitals.
Amaldoss, who is now the priest in charge at the Langas Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Eldoret, arrived in Tanzania at the weekend for the official opening of the church that is now a fully-fledged diocese.
He served as a priest in the church when it was still a parish before he was transferred to Eldoret.
“There were over 30 priests from various countries also invited to attend the celebrations that were presided over by the Vatican’s ambassador to Tanzania, Archbishop Francisco Montecillo Padilla,” Amaldoss told The Standard.
The priest recalled how the colourful ceremony had kicked off before the terror attack.
“Nothing had prepared us for the pandemonium that later ensued. The church choir was still entertaining the congregation when the bomb went off,” he said.
He added that there was a loud bang a few metres to the church entrance where the pope’s representative was to cut a tape to officially open the church.
“We were not far from it. The loud bang was deafening. It immediately halted everything including the choir and pandemonium followed,” said the cleric.
Christians and clerics took cover fearing for their lives as screams rent the air.
“We all took cover and those left at the grounds were the injured, some of who died there. One person was trampled to death during the melee,” added Amaldoss.
 He added: “When we later regrouped after the attack, we found the body of a child lying on the ground in a pool of blood.”
Amaldoss said 70 people were injured and rushed to two hospitals, St Elizabeth and Meru hospital in Arusha, Tanzania.
“Unfortunately two bomb victims were later pronounced dead in the hospital,” he added.
Father Amaldoss added that quick response from Tanzania police officers and Red Cross personnel averted more deaths and led to the arrest of some of the terrorists.
“It did not take long. They were swift and police managed to arrest one of the attackers as he fled the church while the Red Cross personnel immediately evacuated the injured,” he said.
The priest said if the function was held inside the church, there would have been many casualties.
“We thank God the event was held outside thus minimising the tragedy. If we were all crammed in the church, we would be talking a different story today,” he added.

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