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ICC Note: In this brief update from ChinaAid, it appears that Zhu Yufu, a Christian dissident and activist, is suffering from serious health concerns in prison even as prison authorities tighten restrictions on him. Zhu Yufu was sentenced to 7 years imprisonment last year after posting a poem online deemed “subversive” by the Communist government. 
5/13/2013 China (ChinaAid) – Imprisoned dissident and Christian Zhu Yufu told his family at their monthly visit that he’s had fainting spells due to his deteriorating health, but a prison official said Zhu was faking and has downgraded his meal plan and forbidden him to make calls to his family.
Zhu told his family members on Sunday that he has fainted three times this month due to angina, tightness in his chest, nausea, and high blood pressure. But a prison captain surnamed Wang told his family that had only pretended to faint, and therefore, he would no longer be getting extra-nutrition lunches and would not be allowed to make his monthly phone call to his family.

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