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ICC Note: The son of a Pakistani pastor was reportedly kidnapped by militants but managed to escape, Assist News reports. ICC has yet to verify the motives behind the young man’s kidnapping.
5/10/2013 Pakistan (Assist News) – A Pakistani pastor says his son was kidnapped by terrorists, but he was able to escape and return to his family.
That’s the claim made by Pastor Javaid Austin in an email to the ASSIST News Service. Austin is chairman and a founding member of the Light of the City Church in Lahore. He has also been a member of the Pakistan Christian Welfare Council (PCWC) for the past 22 years.
Austin claims that area police are corrupt and not taking any action against the “terrorists” who he says kidnapped his son.
Austin said the lack of action continues despite frequent requests to the police to do something. Austin said the “logic” behind this is that no officer wants to admit someone has been kidnapped from his district. He said that to do so would “directly hit the promotions and benefits of him which he expected to get in future”.
Austin said his son Naeem Javaid, 25, was kidnapped on February 25 in Lahore, Pakistan. Austin said his son was walking on his own.
His son told him that a Suzuki stopped by him, and a man with a face obscured by a handkerchief asked him for directions. The address the men were trying to find was written on a small scrap of paper.
Austin said as his son tried to read the address, a gang member approached Naeem from behind and put a gun to his back. Naeem was ordered to get in the car without making a sound. He did so, saying that if he had made any noise he would have been killed on the spot.
Naeem said there were four men, and he was flanked by one on each side. Everyone had guns. His eyes were covered, his hands were bound tightly, and he was ordered to bend down.
They reportedly travelled for a number of hours. Naeem said he was totally unable to move and he had no idea where they were headed. He prayed the entire time
Suddenly, Naeem told his father, the vehicle stopped and one of his kidnappers got out to use the bathroom. However, he didn’t close the door properly.
Naeem said he began thinking, “They are taking me to an unknown place and in the end they will kill me, so I should take a chance. I will not get the opportunity again.”
Naeem told his father there was a small piece of pipe under the seat which he used to pry the rope off his hands. Then he removed the covering off his eyes.
Then, Naeem said, “I gripped the neck of that terrorist and punched him hard. He tumbled out of the car, and his gun … dropped from his hands. I quickly jumped out from the car and did not (look) behind. I was sure that they (would) open gun fire, so I ran very fast . But I never heard the (sound) of gunfire.”

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