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ICC Note: As thousands of Syrians continue to arrive in neighboring countries after fleeing civil war in their homeland, Reuters recently reported that a camp in Turkey is being created solely for Christian refugees. In this article published by World Watch Monitor, Nuri Kino, a renowned Assyrian journalist, writes about his experience after visiting Midyat, the camp’s location in southern Turkey where he interviews local Christian refugees who are split about the idea. “I’ve met some Syrian Christians who think the camp is needed, and some who dread it will become a Christian ghetto and a sitting duck for terrorists,” Kino says.
By Nuri Kino
5/5/2013 Syria (World Watch Monitor) – Hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing the violence in Syria live in camps just inside Turkey. So the April 10 news item from Reuters, announcing the creation of two more camps in Turkish town of Midyat, just beyond Syria’s northeastern border, didn’t seem like much.
But something caught my eye: A camp specifically for Syrian Christians? This was new. Of all the Syrian refugees in Turkey, only a few hundred are Christian. Now they need a camp?
I’m calling clergy and others in Midyat. They can’t agree about the number of refugees it is supposed to shelter. One is saying 10,000 Christians, another 1,000. Reuters says 2,500.
Nowhere in the Islamic world has a refugee camp for the Christians of one country been built across the border in a neighbouring country. Now Turkey is building a camp that will hold between 3 and 30 times the number of Syrian Christians currently taking refuge in the country. Why? Why is Turkey creating a small city to handle a flood of Syrian Christians?
The news reports – what few there were – didn’t say. The only way to get answers is to go to Midyat.

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