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ICC Note: Ebrahim Firouzi, a Christian convert from Islam who had been arrested for the second time for his Christian faith, was temporarily released on bail from Evin prison in Tehran on April 29, Mohabat News reports. Firouzi has been arrested at his workplace on March 7 and spent 53 days in prison.  
5/3/2013 Iran (Mohabat News) – Ebrahim Firouzi, a Christian convert, who had been arrested for the second time for his Christian faith, has been temporarily released from Evin prison.
According to a Mohabat News correspondent, Ebrahim Firouzi has been temporarily released on bail of 30 million Tomans (approximately 20,000 USD) on April 29, 2013, after spending 53 days in Evin prison.
Iranian security authorities had arrested the 28 year old Christian convert for the second time at his workplace on March 7, 2013, confiscating his personal belongings, including his computer and some Christian literature.
His family was unaware of his whereabouts for one week after his arrest. During their investigations, Firouzi’s family heard from an official at Robat-Karim court that his arrest was in connection with the arrest of a number of other Christians at Christmas 2012, in Tehran.
Prison and judicial officials had charged Ebrahim Firouzi with launching and administering a Christian missionary website, distributing Bibles, cooperating with student activists and taking actions against national security.

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